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Khajako Parikar (Starters)
  • Minced Lamb mixed with chopped garlic, Spring onion, egg, corn flour and spices and deep fried, then cooked in a very tasty sauce.

  • Minced lamb mixed with ginger, chopped onions, fresh coriander and cooked in Tandoor. Served with salad.

  • Delicious starter of the traditional Rana Family. Cooked lamb fried with onion, tomato & capsicum. Beautifully garnished with cucumber, radish and tomatoes.

  • Deep-fried marinated prawn cooked with onion, tomato and capsicum. Served with puri (puffed, deep-fried bread). Garnished with cucumber, tomato, carrot and lemon.

Chulako Parikar (Clay Oven Dishes)
  • Sizzler : Delicious and tasty clay oven special assorted dish of lamb, chicken, king prawn and salmon fish. Highly recommended for those who enjoy meat and fish dishes.

Bhanchhe Bishesta (Chef’s Special)
  • A very Special Chicken dish Marinated in cornflour, plain flour, white pepper, eggs, tasting powder and deep fried. Then cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes, soya sauce, chilli sauce & chilli oil.

Jhinge Machha (Prawn Dishes)
  • King prawn cooked in sauce of onion, tomato, ginger and green pepper and garnished with spring onion. Allergen

  • King prawn cooked in sauce of onion, ginger and green pepper and garnished with spring onion.

Kukhurako Parikar (Chicken Dishes)
  • Tender boneless chicken cooked in original Nepalese recipe. A must for those who wish to taste typical Nepalese style curry.

  • A very tasty chicken dish cooked with rogan oil, butter, onion and spices in a tomato base.

  • Char-grilled sliced chicken cooked with home made yoghurt, fresh peppers, onions & herbs. Served hot.

  • A very popular Nepalese chicken dish balanced with seventeen different herbs and spices. Hot but delicious.

Khasiko Parikar (Lamb Dishes)
  • A very tasty lamb dish cooked with rogan oil, butter, onion and spices in a tomato base.

  • Char-grilled lamb cooked in thick sauce of medium flavor. Allergen Notice: Milk

  • Char-grilled lamb cooked in mild masala sauce with a dash of Nepalese herbs. Allergen Notice: Milk, Almond nuts

  • Char-grilled lamb cooked with homemade yoghurt, fresh peppers, onions and herbs. Served hot. Allergen Notice: Milk, Almond Nuts

  • A very special marinated lamb dish deep fried and cooked with capsicum, onion, tomatoes, soya sauce and chilli sauce. Allergen Notice: Soya

Tarkari (Vegetables)
  • Chickpeas cooked with different spices. Allergen Notice: Wheat (Chickpeas)

  • Diced potatoes fried with cumin seeds to create a traditional Nepalese dish.

  • Fresh spinach & potatoes cooked in Nepalese spices and herbs.

  • Fresh spinach & home made cheese cooked in different herbs and spices. Allergen Notice: Milk(Cheese)

  • Black lentils cooked in typical village style. Simple yet delicious. Special In

  • Yellow lentils cooked in Nepalese style. Very delicious.

  • Cauliflower cooked in tomato and onion sauce.

  • Assorted fresh vegetables lightly fried in Nepalese herbs and spices.

Bhatko Parikar (Rice)
  • Delicious aromatic steamed basmati rice.

Rotiko Parikar (Naan & Roti)
Aru (On The Side)
  • First round of poppadums complementary (excluding Sunday Buffet). Allergen Notice: Urid Flour/ Rice Flour

Set Meal
  • Combination of starters. Main course can be made Mild, Medium Hot or Hot on request. Also includes mixed vegetables, rice & nan. Allergen Notice: If you have any dietary requirements or allergies, Please ask our waiters/waitresses who will be happy to help.